Here is a real quick inhalation for the office when you’re at your desk and the day just feels too long and you feel down in the dumps as the grey days of winter is upon us:

I use an empty 5mL lip balm pot and place a cotton ball inside the pot and drop a few drops of my favorite essential oils on the cotton ball and close immediately before the odoriferous molecules evaporate.

When at the office, I will open it up, especially late afternoon when the brain hits a low energy point I take some deep breaths to uplift my mind and body.

Close one nostril and breathe through the other, then alternate.

The nicest thing about using this lip balm pot is that you can discard the cotton ball if you do not like the scent any longer and change to a new scent.

If the scent hangs around in the pot, after removing the cotton ball, wash it in warm soapy water and rinse with some baking soda water.


My favourite and researched brain stimulants are :


Rosemary to wake up the mind

Spearmint to keep you focused and keep your brain stimulated

Lime for feeling down

Bergamot for balancing your emotions

Bergamot and grapefruit are so uplifting together


How much oil should I put on my cottonball?


If using a single oil use 6 drops, if you are using 2 oils then 3 drops of each.

Check out or other post on essential oil inhalation tips here, where we talk about combating pathogens using essential oils.


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