Essential oils used for inhalation can have some of the most powerful effects on the human brain.

They can be uplifting when we feeling down in the dumps, relaxing or stimulating when we feel lethargic or fatigued or stressed and hyperactive.


Here we have a research study that was conducted on rose oil inhalation:


A 1% solution of rose oil was sprayed into a room and the effects studied

on 48 people. The rose oil was tested to establish its effects on the brain.

Cardiac output was monitored during the administration of rose fragrance. It was found that rose suppressed anticipation and attention processes, the effect was apparent at all levels of concentration.

It was concluded that the oil stimulated neuro-psychiatric activity.

Inhalation affects a variety of areas and systems of the brain

Inhalation affects a variety of areas and systems of the brain

The oil increased concentration and work rhythm, and shortened reflex times. The effects of rose oil were observed independently of personal dislike of the aroma.

Studies suggest that the presence of rose oil in the atmosphere could reduce stress and improve concentration.

You can use rose oil at home and prepare a luxurious bath infused with this exotic oil and another anti anxiety oil such as ylang-ylang.

Due to its strong influence on the mind and emotions it may be quite useful in recovery from a wide range of illness.


Rose oil for Grieving:


I have had personal experience using rose essential oil for grieving when I experienced a few losses in my life.

I used the oil by applying it to my chest as my personal perfume which I mixed with a light fractionated coconut oil.


Rose Oil Perfume:


Approximately 3 drops of Rose Damascena Bulgarian

¼ teaspoon light fractionated coconut oil

*Rose Damascena has different scent than Rose Centifolia but both have a deep beautiful aroma


Using this perfume can help you experience a sense of calm and peace during a time of grieving


Inhalation for Cold and Flu:


Inhalation of various other airborne antibacterials can be administered through using an electric diffuser and diffusing these oils in the air

Some of the best air-borne antibacterial oils are:


Lemon eucalyptus ( e. Citriodora)



These are especcially great to use during times of illness when colds and flu are around.



Watch our recipe section in the next few days fore a great air freshener recipe.