Although some plants have many species, one way of identifying the species is by continuously smelling various species of the plant and the oils.

Example : Eucalyptus has a very popular species with camphor and menthol components, called Eucalyptus globulus, often used for respiratory problems and coughs and colds. This reminds me a lot of Vicks VapoRub my mom used to use, and introduced it to us for chest rubs.

Another Eucalyptus species is Eucalyptus citridora which has lemony undertones. This essential oil is considered a balancer while the menthol type is a stimulant. This essential oil is much loved in housecleaning as it’s antibacterial and has a fresh lemony scent.

Essential Oils for Housecleaning

Why is this essential oil so versatile and preferred as a great antibacterial and antiseptic?

Because it has a clean and fresh smell, it is mild and balancing and uplifting and it works on similar issues as Eucalyptus globulus.

It’s antibacterial qualities makes it great for cleaning the home. I use it in cleaning my bath tub with baking soda and the hand basin in the bathroom, by placing about 10 drops on a soft dampened sponge dipped in baking soda. For cleaning my floors, I add ten drops to my damp swifter cloth and clean the ceramics.

Now a note of caution: if the essential oils leave your floor slippery that is a red flag that your oil has been adulterated with a base oil. Essential oils are not oily but watery in consistency.  Fragrant chemicals added during adulteration will evaporate within a short time leaving the essential oil bland smelling without a particular odor or aroma.

Eucalyptus citridora can also be used for an evening bath because it will not disturb your sleep pattern. It can also be added to witch hazel and used as an antibacterial foot spray in the summer if you are wearing sandals.


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