Meet Our Team

Lynn Bosman

Lynn Bosman has spent 25 years managing her own Schools of Aromatherapy/ Essential oils and  a dozen other Holistic courses  for Registered Massage therapist, Wellness spas/ Natural beauty therapists, Holistic Consulting practices and General health and wellness centres.

Lynn became passionate about Aromatherapy and the most beautiful oils that can be blended in so many ways. She is the author of an eco friendly children’s book which focuses on the safe uses of oils for babies and children.

After attending the first International Aromatherapy Conference in England, Lynn quickly discovered the many myths that popped up at the conference with many of the experts in the field at that time trying to disseminate fact from fiction.

She quickly learnt from a USA teacher and an expert in the field at that time that the skin absorption issue was the central focus of many aromatherapy enthusiasts.  She discovered everything focused on the oils being absorbed through the skin, which she later confirmed with two experts at the USA Aromatherapy conference that the skin absorption was not the route of entry for these oils, and if any e/oils had absorbed through the skin it would be of the ones that would quickly build toxicity in the body. Stunned and confused she had to travel to England to study with Martin Watt to ensure the materials he had spent time researching for ten years held the key to understanding the routes of entry to the body. Lynn obtained rights from Martin to use his materials in Canada to teach students the ways essential oils worked. and how they benefited the body, mind and spirit. Lynn opened the International Aromatherapist and Tutors association in 1999  and held the first Canadian International Conference ( of which she had documented the whole proceedings of the conference ) which is now available as an e book for all members whom obtain their professional  membership.

After losing her husband and parents she now feels the time is right to help the younger folk entering the Aromatherapy field to understand some of the valued research data she had learnt over the past two decades.To help debunk the myths and to focus on healing not hurting. Certified Aromatherapist that has studied through Lynn will be able to purchase the Federal Registered Designation to set them apart in the industry. The designation C.L.C.A. will become the official brand of the Safety Board for anyone learning the safe practices and uses of essential oils.

Diana Simonyi

Diana has 20 years of experience in the alternative health industry.  Her interest in alternative therapies began when she developed allergies and chronic health problems.

She is a Certified Reflexologist,  Aromatherapist and Reiki Master.  Her passion in holistic health prompted her to study in order to not only improve her own health and wellness but to put forth to the public a means by which they could also improve and maintain their own optimal health.

Diana felt compelled by her interest and fascination with the healing properties of essential oils to search for a program of study in Aromatherapy.  At the time there were very few programs available in Canada especially with regards to research and the safety and benefits of essential oil usage.  Her search led her to a program in the UK where she found excellent researched materials and a program of study that would introduce her to Lynn Bosman.  What attracted her to Lynn’s program was the focus on skin safety issues and the use of essential oils, a program Lynn obtained directly from the UK through Martin Watt.  Diana received her Certification as an Aromatherapy Practitioner and then advanced her studies to become a Qualified Teacher.

She strives to educate the public and our members in a manner that they will gain knowledgeable and accurate information on how to implement proper and safe usage of essential oils.

Martin Watt

Martin Watt ( Essential Oils Advisor) Qualified as a medical herbalist (certified phytotherapist ) in 1986, and qualified masseur.

His studies included Botanical Sciences, Medicinal Sciences, Herbal Materia Medica. Herbal processing and pharmacology with clinicals.

Martin also specialised in Aromatherapy and essential oils while working alongside an essential oils importer and analyst, and establishing many trade contacts during this time. Also gaining valued inside knowledge of the essential oils and aromatherapy trade.

Devoting many years to investigating knowledge about plant medicines buried in various reference libraries, his major preoccupation were the scientific literature on the uses and safety of essential oils.

This information he used to produce trade reference manuals and training materials.

Being the first in the Aromatherapy trade to conduct in depth investigation into the great importance of skin reactions to essential oils, and published his findings in plant aromatics which had been around the world for the past 18years.

While many earlier authors were concentrating on toxicity issues Martin focused all his findings on scientific research that supports ancient healing knowledge and rejecting traditional knowledge when proven inaccurate.

This common trend of inaccurate knowledge had become the trend among most teachers in the aromatherapy world, then and now.