As November appears we start to subconsciously have winter on our minds.

With winter appearing we have heating in our homes and if we are not on the same path as our ancestors that had chores for every season, we will be subjected to more allergens and dust mites.

The winter preparation chores

One of the chores I remember my mom did was wash curtains before the winter. This got rid of a lot of dust hanging around .

Also, she would wash all bed covers and blankets, which were dried in the sun naturally, never using dryer sheets.

Dryer sheet fact

Dryers sheets have been researched for their contents and it was found that they contain ingredients such as formaldehyde, which can stick to clothing, thus impacting the breathing.

My mom even soaked the blinds on some windows where there were no curtains, and she would hang them out to dry on a nice sunny summer day.

Air filters must be refreshed before the heat goes on in our homes, this makes for cleaner air

Quick tip for preparing your house for winter

One thing I love doing is placing a cloth with a few drops of lemon eucalyptus on and place it over my air vents in each room. So the moment the hot air starts filtering through from the furnace you can smell the lemon eucalyptus which has a clean lemony fragrance and is a great antibacterial for airborne microorganisms, especially now with cold and flu season.

Antibacterial Spray Recipe

Use a 100 mL bottle and fill with:

50% volume of witch hazel

50% volume of distilled water

20 drops eucalyptus essential oil

20 drops lemongrass essential oil

I use this recipe a lot! I shake the bottle well and spritz it around in my rooms and shut the doors before I go to work.

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