Excessive Grapefruit Essential Oil Causes Skin Irritation - February 2016

We had a phone call from a very frantic woman on the phone.


She starting yelling and screaming as she was looking for help with extremely red and irritated skin, as she confirmed she was told to use grapefruit essential oil on her cellulite areas of her thighs and this would help with reducing cellulite. She had added it to a coconut oil as she was advised, but the drops she said she later had discovered were way too high.

After she had called a few companies to confirm if this was correct, no one had guaranteed her cellulite would disappear, but confirmed she was instructed to use way too many drops of essential oil.

Taking Essential Oils internally Caused Anaphalaxis - July 2016

A client had been to an essential oil house party where everyone at the party was given a pessary of essential oil to take internally after they had something to eat. This was promoted as helping the digestive system to digest their foods easier. One of the ladies at this particular party had a severe reaction and ended up in emergency unit at a hospital resulting in anaphalaxis.

Taking Essential Oils internally Caused Gall Bladder Attack - May 2015

At a college in Toronto a lady had been in class with several other students.

She started passing around essential oils to be taken internally from her very expensive kit she had brought to the class. Several students participated and one later suffered pain in her right side under the rib cage. After attending a doctor’s office it was learnt that she suffered a gallbladder attack.

Essential Oils in Bum Butter Irritates Baby's Bottom - Janaury 2014

A mom had bought a bum butter for her baby that contained several essential oils from a craft show. Not being able to pin point which essential oil was causing inflammation of the skin, the mom had the baby at a doctor’s office due to increased redness and irritation. The doctor asked her to immediately refrain from using anything on the babies skin even soap and gave prescribes a mild cleansing solution and an anti -inflammatory cream.