Essential oils and aromatherapy can be added to most natural and organic fragrance-free products to make natural Christmas gifts


Christmas can be a time when we need to keep up not only our immune systems with extra vitamin C and good herbals, but also a time to keep our skin looking refreshed for the big day when we step out to see all the family and friends.

One way to give a great aromatic gift at Christmas is to purchase 1 litre bottles of fragrance free shower gel, or body wash. Most people buy Dr. Brenner shower gel or body wash. Repackage into 100ml smaller bottles and add a special essential oil blend for special friends when you know they may be feeling overwhelmed, depressed or just feeling down due to the hustle and bustle of the Christmas shopping season. Surprise them with the special blend of aromas for their own personal emotions.

I have a few friends that I have rebottled shower gel and bath blends for. After purchasing the 1 litre bottle I got some fancy 100ml bottles in beautiful colors, such as greens and coral blue.

One of my friends suffers from major depression at Christmas as she has lost most of her family. I make a special blend of Bergamot essential oil, Lime essential oil and Grapefruit essential oil for her shower gel. Knowing that these aromas has lifted her spirits in the past.

Another friend has limited money and always gets overwhelmed at Christmas as she tries to make most of her gifts for family and friends without having to spend huge amounts of money. I have made bath salts for her with lime essential oil, as this essential oil helps the feeling down in the dumps emotion.

Ylang Ylang essential oil helps calm the overwhelmed feelings, and Geranium essential oil to keep her balanced emotionally.

Rosehip tea for Skin Rejuvination

Rosehips can be the best tea to give a glow at Christmas!

Purchasing a box of rosehip teabags and adding this to your gifts of bath salts and shower gels or bath body wash is an added bonus at Christmas. The tea can be made as a normal cup of tea not only for supplying the body with natural vitamin C, and it can be used as a face wash to keep the skin glowing.


Rosehips also supply the skin with natural vitamin C.

Another way to use this marvelous tea is to make the cup of tea, let it cool and put into a mister bottle and can be used as a cold tonic to spray on the skin after cleansing.


Seaweed Powder- The great skin rejuvinator

Some skin masks act like deep cleanses and rejuvenators for the skin while balancing the skins acid mantle

Seaweed powder is my favorite face mask powder. Purchase in 1 litre containers and repackage into smaller 100ml jars.

Always put a label on stating this can be mixed 1 teaspoon at a time with warm water to a thin paste, but not runny, and applied over clean, dry skin avoiding the eye areas.


After 15 minutes remove with warm water and spritz with rosehip tea. Put this on your label for your friends and family to understand how to use.


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