Recently our board has had huge volumes of calls asking about hormone balancing and overall wellness with essential oil uses, particularly people who are being told by their distributors to use Rosemary  essential oil for balancing the hormones. They have also been encouraging people to put Frankincense essential oil on the bottom of the feet for overall wellness.
It is quite sad that there are people selling these products to make a living but also putting their vulnerable clients at risk for injury and reactions because they as the seller have no qualified knowledge in essential oil safety and proper usage. I had a woman who called me to ask how these oils really work.  She was told they will absorb through the skin into her bloodstream and that this will balance her hormones. She was quite upset when I told her this is the oldest trick used in aromatherapy to mislead clients into believing the essential oils are being absorbed into the blood stream to alter their health issues, mainly in order to sell the courses or the essential oils or even both. I told her to read our blogs because they are there to help educate the public on years of our experience and research data.
We even wrote an article on the molecular weight of the oils that cannot pass through the skin. This lady kept telling me over and over that it’s all over the Internet. Well unfortunately, the internet can be a great tool , but also a dangerous tool.
When we think of our hormones that have to be balanced we also have to take into account the estrogenic foods we eat. The plastics that mimic our hormones, like xeniestrogens,  and most people I see at the gyms are downing water from plastic bottles all the time so how can we expect the hormones to be balanced. Stress is not controlled and we think of a quick fix like an essential oil. Drink the rosemary tea or herbs from your garden to get the best antioxidants but not the essential oil added to a carrier oil and rubbed on the skin. A bit of inhalation from a bath with rosemary will stimulate the brain, but not affect hormones at all.
Rubbing frankincense under the feet for overall well being . How is this ever possible? Well being comes from a number of factors:
1. Emotional health
2. Nutritional health
3. Physical health
4. Spiritual health
Essential oils can help to make us feel good, much like a personal perfume preference we have. It can uplift, relax or
balance the emotions,  but overall health is a huge factor. As emotionally we may feel good, but nutritionally we are starved. Or nutritionally we may be good and physically ill.
So please do follow integrity as it will linger long after the money is spent.
We have to be aware that the internet is riddled with misinformation  and poorly trained individuals trying to sell to make a lot of money . And how do these distributors get away with this? Are the people believing everything they are selling about the essential oil uses. It’s quite heartbreaking when you hear a lady wanting to get the hormones balanced so badly and she is getting the wrong advice as the oil has been sold to her already. She is only doing her research after the purchase.
We urge people out there to please research as much as you can to find the truth.
We are happy that our board is totally run on  integrity to  help the consumers and vulnerable people from losing their money .
Please do email us your concerns  ( and if in doubt, do extra research to find the truth.
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