We have had more gray cloudy days than snow or sunshine. During the winter, we must not forget that in addition to our sunshine vitamin (vitamin D), our essential oils can play a major role in our emotion. The brain is a “blood hungry” organ and as such, it is the first port of call for aromatic molecules absorbed via the olfactory epithelium. Inhalation plays a vital role here.

When you are feeling down or sad, take a warm bath with essential oils so the aromatic molecules can be absorbed via inhalation to the brain.

Bergamot is a great oil for balancing emotions.

Lime is beneficial when you are feeling down in the dumps.

Grapefruit can adapt to the emotions, making it a good balancer.

Add organic bubble bath to disperse the oils in the bath.

Remember to only use 3 drops of 2 essential oils, totaling 6 drops.


Safety tip of the week:

If your citrus oils are older than 6 months, they can readily oxidize rendering them more skin irritating.

There is no need to toss them out. You can use them in diaper bins where the soiled diapers are, or in kitchen garbage bins.

Alternatively, you can add baking soda and some cooking oil, mix into a paste and use as a tub scrub.


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