Did you know that oranges and lemons may be sprayed to obtain a brighter deeper color which makes them more appealing to the eyes? This was reported on one of our news stations in Canada a few years ago when they reported on food safety.

These sprays can end up in the production of citrus essential oils. Citrus essential oils also oxidize rapidly making these more irritating to the skin within six months.

To obtain internal uses of your citrus, make yourself a cup of herbal tea and add slices of organic lemons or oranges and then your raw honey.   Warm lemon water on an empty stomach aids the digestive system.  The warm tea releases some of the aromatic molecules and essential oils from the rinds. I know from reading about some of our ancestors’ habits they used to often drink warm lemon tea as it was a part of their daily diet.

Most herbs we use in our cooking contain essential oils except for some that are really very dried out. Many French chefs use what is called a “bouquet garni” which are a bunch of fresh herbs tied together to flavor their soups and stock.  This little bouquet of herbs was tossed into stews and many dishes.  They often contained thyme, sage, rosemary, bay and other herbs.

If we look at thyme essential oil, much like clove it is extremely potent and can cause major skin irritation and sensitization which will be inadvisable in Aromatherapy uses.

Fresh Thyme when added to our food has antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities which make it valuable in our diet.  For this reason we can add this to chicken with lemon, so the lemon oils would also be released in the cooking process. Very often chefs would take a handful of fresh thyme and squeeze it in a handful of butter, place the cut lemons inside the chicken for flavor and push the thyme butter under the chicken skin, cover it with foil and let it roast in the oven. Don’t forget to add salts and seasoning and olive oil.  As the butter melts it releases the thyme flavors and aromatic molecules plus the vital essential oils.

A study on cilantro herb was done at a University where they found so many uses for the herb when we use it fresh in food, such as lowering blood pressure, liver and digestive health as well as being used for removing heavy metals from the body and many other uses.

We have to be very careful as some authors are publishing these findings for the essential oil uses when we are unaware of the production method and cross reactions that can take place inside the body from essential oils that have been adulterated or have contaminants in them from storage or for example being shipped by sea they may have been on the ocean for a while.  We have to look at the safer ways and cleaner ways to obtain these essential oils in the body.

Clove which has been the main component in parasite cleanses because of its anti-parasitic and antibacterial quality, have been suspended in an alcoholic base to prepare it for the parasite mixture extracting most of its best qualities.

Clove essential oil is so potent that we should never apply this to the skin as it can cause major sensitization and irritation.  But as internal medicine as stated by most research is that the cloves have been extracts rather than essential oils. The essential oils can be obtained from our food such as soup if we add a few cloves.  Not much is needed of clove to obtain the oil benefit.

My mom had for many years used clove in her apple pie filling and soups.  She also had a special clove brandy she made and kept for any of our stomach troubles and would only use a tiny 30ml glass with 1 tablespoon of this remedy and warm water added.

Because of the vast amount of adulterated essential oils that have entered the market, we have to be extremely cautious regarding internal uses for treatment.

As a Practitioner and especially if you run a clinic or have clients that would ask for this type of treatment because they had read about it on the Internet you must be well informed and use caution.

We are aware of cross reactions that can occur externally due to the application of an allergen.

This type of reaction can occur internally as well. As much as we are in the healing industry to heal and help people heal we are sometimes unaware of certain dangers when freely promoted by huge companies which through digital marketing are sometimes not adding the safety and precautions that we all have to be aware of.

Because certain essential oils can be shipped for long periods of time we cannot be certain how old the oil is and if it has degraded.

When essential oils are adulterated as so many on the market are, and the words natural and organic can mean very little, we cannot be certain on the quality of the oil. Such oils may be fine for external use, but not internal.

Many people are unaware that using herbs in cooking or teas can have a similar and safer effect internally rather than buying an essential oil and using it internally.

Most people are unaware that the uses of the herbs and their properties are not the same as those of the essential oil but most fresh herbs used in cooking can release their essential oils during the cooking process.  Another example would be black pepper corns which are often used as a mixture with all spice and clove for pork ribs.

Black pepper essential oil has been noted and researched for inhalation to help some people to quit smoking. Black pepper has also been an effective treatment for warming the muscles and aiding aches and pains but internally we are much safer to add the peppercorns crushed and add it to our food. It has been noted to aid the digestive system.

A drop of peppermint to soothe the gut can be substituted safely by drinking a cup of peppermint tea or sucking on a peppermint candy which does contain some essential oil. Peppermint liqueur has been an aperitif for many years in certain countries.  However when it’s promoted in the industry as a drop of peppermint rubbed on the stomach to cure diarrhea then it is totally incorrect. Peppermint tea will aid the liver and liver function which can help with digesting food better.  Antioxidants from essential oils are constantly promoted for people to buy and use internally.

Taking a cup of rosemary tea made from fresh rosemary herb can offer some of the highest antioxidant effects on the body and are even better if you grow your own in your own organic herb garden.  Various other herbs can be grown such as Peppermint, Thyme, Sage and Oregano, ensuring your internal use is free of the herbicides and pesticides.

Much of what had been written in herbal pharmacology has been on various herbs taken internally, but authors started to attribute these uses to the actual essential oil uses.

The essential oil uses will definitely have a positive effect when inhaling, as many essential oils help bronchial issues when inhaled via the nose through the aroma from the food source.

There are many herbs that have been used since ancient times for cooking and most of their essential oils are released in the food when cooking with them, this is what makes the aromas of the food smell so good.

Some Indian people for many years have cooked with star aniseed and aniseed.

Cardamom seeds, Cinnamon sticks and a pinch of Nutmeg which I love in my chai tea that I make from time to time, have an amazing calming effect on my system.

Cooking Cinnamon sticks with pumpkin and yams until soft and then drizzled with some maple syrup has an amazing taste and aroma.

So to be on the safe side I advise most people to beware of taking essential oils internally and promote more herbal uses in cooking to get the volatile compounds of the oils released into the food which greatly benefits the body.

When you grow your own herbs you will feel 100% better knowing your herbs are from your garden free of pesticides and herbicides.  For example rosemary you grow and pick from your own garden make a great tea for best antioxidant effects.

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