We have to face facts that there are now many fake news articles and what better place than the Internet as it is now riddled with errors and myths relating to the truth regarding essential oil uses and their properties.  We tried many times to set the record straight with regards to factual research and hype, and articles relating to essential oils that remove cellulite that is totally misleading and considered as hype.

We have to understand why cellulite has developed and how it developed. There are many factors to consider before jumping on the essential oil bandwagon to find a quick fix oil blend that we think will work.

For the past 25 years that I have worked with some prominent essential oil industry stake holders, I had learned first off that essential oils will not remove cellulite and that it is the biggest myth being sold to many vulnerable people looking for quick fixes.

Diet and exercise are crucial for great skin and this goes for cellulite as well. Lots of walking, dancing and leg exercises are important, water is important to flush out toxins and cutting out sugar is of the utmost importance, as sugar converts into fat in the body.

Cutting out sugar can help those fat cells to shrink. But it has to become a permanent part of your eating habits or diet. Totally removing sugar will eventually also remove the cravings, as we feed our bodies sugar it is almost as if the body starts to need sugar and it can even crave sugar.

White flour is another empty dietary habit with no nutritional value.

What the cellulite requires is fibre to break down fat. High fibre diets help to remove waste by getting the colon to function better and not be sluggish.


Essential Oil Recipes for Cellulite

This being said essential oils can be added to special items such as seaweed powder, mixed into a warm paste and applied to the cellulite areas twice per week.  The best essential oils would be the ones that can improve circulation such as rosemary, pine, fir needle, sweet marjoram, black pepper and ginger. Although the latter two are considered stronger essential oils, they have to be added in very small quantities. No more than 3 drops each to 1 tablespoon seaweed powder and left on for 20 minutes then washed off with warm water in a shower. This will improve the look and appearance of those bumpy skin patches.




Cellulite Scrub Recipe

A scrub that has been noted to help cellulite is a strong brew of coffee grains that has been made into a fine grind. While they are fresh add them to the seaweed powder, about 2 tablespoons of coffee grinds and two tablespoons seaweed powder along with two tablespoons of whole coconut oil, mixed thoroughly until the seaweed powder and grains and coconut are all mixed well.

Before having a shower place a garbage bag in the bath tub, stand on the garbage bag and start to scrub the areas of cellulite in circular movements upwards towards the heart with a handful of the mixture at a time, if you’re working on the thighs concentrate on that area and then repeat on the other thigh after the one is completed. Scrub for at least 5 minutes at a time always in an upward flow toward the heart.

Once all the grains have fallen on the garbage bag, step aside and rollup, dump in garbage as you really don’t want to clog your drains.

Step under the shower and shower the areas clean before applying the warm seaweed mask to the areas that have been scrubbed, smooth evenly over the thighs and wrap with spa foil for 20 mins. then rinse with warm water, the skin will feel amazingly smooth and massage some fractionated coconut oil with any of the essential oils to aid circulation, as mentioned above.

Rosemary, pine or fir needle can be combined in a 30 mL bottle of fractionated coconut oil using a total of 15 drops of the essential oils, 5 drops of each of these three essential oils.

This in home mini spa treatment will leave your skin feeling smooth.

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