In 1997 we were connected to a team of some of the greatest people in the essential oil industry. People who had great integrity and commonly shared the myths that started to pour into the aromatherapy world because of the confusion between herbal uses and essential oil uses. We had a great educational conference with guest speakers from the U.K., Turkey, USA, and Canada.

People like Butch Owen from Turkey, Martin Watt from the U.K. who spent 10 years researching the properties of the safe oils and Sylla Hanger Sheppard from the USA, who did quite a lot of research herself.

Dr. Robert Pappas from the U.S.A. who demonstrated a distillation with his stove top still. Arthur Phillips from the food industry which tested essential oils for the food industry in the U.K. we had Dr. Rachel Hertz from smell research centre in Pennsylvania. this conference was focused on the hype or truth factor.

Debunking the hype was the main issue at hand. I took the lectures and condensed them into a book which has a lot of valuable information regarding skin absorption issues, smell and the senses, fact from fiction and much more which most of our newbies can now enjoy reading as it will give valuable insight to the hype out there in the essential oil industry.

Currently via the internet we hear of weight loss and detoxification using essential oils, thyroid health, cellulite, cell regeneration and the list goes on of how many people are now promoting these oils as the cure all for just about any type of disease even curing cancer.

Weight loss is a huge issue.  It’s not easy.  That is why not one essential oil is going to reduce your weight without you making the changes to your diet and physical activity.

Anyone wanting to lose weight should be checking that their digestive system is working at its optimal level and also checking thyroid hormone levels with a doctor or naturopathic doctor.

Cancer as we had already explained in our introduction of our safety board here, giving people false hope for a cure is a sad situation and one which needs to be taken seriously.

Detoxification using an essential oil or oils to absorb through the adipose tissues by massaging the oils into the skin to start the detoxing process is a big question.  Our bodies have built in detoxification organs like the liver, kidneys, lungs and colon.

When we eat healthy and stay off of refined sugars and empty carbohydrates, our organs will do the job naturally.

When we get off the couch and walk or exercise we get the lymphatic system cleaning up through the lymph fluid which bathes our cells and removes undesirable metabolites via the lymph nodes.

Buzzwords like cell rejuvenation and regeneration on the internet are not clearly stated as to what types of cells they are referring to. skin cells, blood cells, bone cells.

How is the essential oil doing this? Is it through massage or inhalation?

Internal use, we now know, in the USA and Canada is illegal, as we have no health record of the client, we are not medical doctors so what is advertised on the internet is dangerous if we start prescribing internal uses of the essential oils.

Health Canada has been offering drug identification numbers to some essential oil companies and stipulates that their requirement is not to be used internally, only topically.

I was an instructor of a class last year in Toronto, Canada, and a lady in the class started to pass around pessaries containing essential oils for everyone in the class to use.  She tried to convince all the students that their immune systems will be working in top form and they will not be getting ill soon.

Two weeks later she was off ill.  she went to the doctor and found out that she had inflammation of the liver, pain in the right side of her body under the ribcage. she had taken this essential oil mix for her immune system but it had an impact on her liver. She had no training in safety or precautions or medical analysis of the body.

Internal uses have to be stressed with the utmost caution to everyone out there.  It does not matter if it is your family or friends. when essential oils come from another part of the world, such as frankincense as an example, it can be carted on the ocean for long periods of time. We have no idea of the storage mechanisms or the safety of the containers they are carried in. Or if contaminated with fragrant chemicals, rendering internal uses rather a risky business.

Most courses insist on dogmatically sticking to the hypothesis that the oils achieve a pharmacological effect by being absorbed through the skin and into the circulation. Our writer and researcher was convinced this is not a route by which significant volumes of most essential oils can enter the body. after years of looking at so called “scientific” research, I have failed to find one trial where methodology used has been adequate, including the paper on lavender absorption.

In this trial, no precautions were taken to prevent the inhalation of the volatile molecules. This is the critically important area that I have found time and time again being overlooked by researchers.

They always fail to understand the fundamental nature of most essential oils, which is that they are extremely volatile substances.  As such they quickly find their way into the respiratory tract epithelium, and from there to the bloodstream.

A similar team who did the lavender trial conducted a new absorption experiment using a single fragrance chemical called carvone found in spearmint oil.

This time they took some precautions to prevent inhalation, and they detected minute amounts of carvone in the blood stream of the subject being massaged.

They tried to imply that this means essential oil components are freely absorbed by the skin, however when one examines their results in detail we find no such evidence at all. In fact, the amount absorbed was so minute that it could have no pharmacological/therapeutic effect (you would probably get more in your blood stream from chewing spearmint chewing gum). In addition, their methodology at preventing inhalation is suspect.

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