I have tears in my eyes listening to the news about the huge earthquake that took place in Mexico recently.  How sad since we now have monster hurricanes and outrageous fires happening on our planet.  Such devastating effects from the forces of nature that we are coping with.

I want to cry when I see how our beautiful mother earth is suffering so badly and watching the sadness in the faces of the people of Texas and Louisiana as they have to leave their belongings and find a safe haven. One cannot watch this without crying.

The earth’s destruction is a huge concern and we have to all be a part of saving it. I am happy in a way to see that our gym members have now cut their uses of plastic bottles by almost 50%. I watch more and more woman bringing in their own BPA free bottles with water in. The plastics issue that was on the forefront a few years ago, seems to have quietened down.

There are still plastics everywhere and styrafoam containers for just about every bit of food left over at the restaurants for you to take home. Well styrafoam containers do contain chemicals that I have outlined in my e-book and audio CD many years ago.

As an advocate of a green healthier living and earth friendly, I have for many years also tried to push the chemical free cosmetics as not only do our landfills have to deal with huge amounts of chemicals. The containers they are in are also made of certain plastics and metals.

I do advocate healthier products and packaging for everyone to have the awareness of what happens to our planet when none of these containers and plastics ever break down. I remember when I grew up our fish and chips were wrapped in paper. My mom bought carrots, potatoes and many vegetables without plastic bags, our meat was also wrapped in paper.

The cosmetics were simple, honey, milk, yogurt, sour milk, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, coconut, and coconut oils.

Facial masks you can whip up in your kitchen, potato juice for blemishes, avocados mashed for older skin as it is loaded with vitamins and good oils. Egg white masks to tighten skin, egg yellow to nourish skin. Natural hair color called henna which I am happy to announce that I had used this for 43 years.

But everything went back to earth and the recycle of earth friendly stuff kept going. LOTS OF OUR RECIPES ARE ON OUR SITE AT WWW.ESSENTIALOILSAFETYBOARD.CA

I enjoyed teaching young children the ages of 8- 15 at some Toronto schools to compost. I had each one write down what in their compost will breakdown in the earth and what will not. I showed them how to mix the egg shells, coffee and tea grinds to some soils and we mixed all of this, each one got a tiny pot to fill and a tomato plant went into the soil. I showed them how to water this, and keep watching it. I had never seen such excited children.

Prior to this I taught the girls aged 8 to 15 how to create their own spa products all 100% natural.

As this word can be misleading and so is the word organic, it’s all about learning the chemical names and preservatives and additives. They made their own bath goodies and learnt what an herb is that can be used for beauty. As well as the soothing oils. The girls loved it and a few boys that came into the class took some for their moms which they later reported their moms just loved and were quite excited that they had learnt this.

I see nail spas popping up everywhere with varnishes that are dangerous for children and adults alike.

But children as young as 5 can still ask for their nails to get nail polish on, it looks cute, but sadly it does have health implications. We have to think of the acetone chemical where is it going when the nails are cleaned of polish.

When I enter some major shopping areas and see the loads and loads of chemical products for beauty and body care that keep changing from year to year and more and more enters the market to keep us beautiful and glowing. Our teenagers, my granddaughter at the age of 14 is at risk and the younger pre-teens also at risk.

We are all responsible to take action or else we will probably see more destruction and devastation of our earth. It is the abuse on our planet earth that is what we are experiencing right now.

I am happy to actually see a lot of our readers and past students over the past 25 years I have been teaching holistic health and living to, have in fact taken notice to change their spas to wellness spas with natural herbs, and oils to heal the body and skin and keep our earth safe.

Quite a few of our spas are now encouraging their clients to use all natural ingredient in their beauty products and they are even educating them on the chemicals.

If you want to learn more on your health, your babies and children’s health and safety you can get a free copy of my e-book by leaving your best e-mail address and to continue receiving updated earth friendly information.

Lynn Bosman(researcher /holistic and wellness educator/president

And author of 12 holistic education programs)