LADIES! Dark circle eye creams – if they are not working here are some crucial steps to take:

1. Try to get at least 7 to 8 hours of good, deep sleep every night. As the ancients have

mentioned, you need your beauty sleep. This saying is true as adequate sleep brightens the eyes.

2.Drink lots of water to flush the kidneys or eat plenty of watery fruits, which are also hydrating.

3. Have a health checkup as dark circles and puffy eyes may be deeper health issues that goes undetected.

4. Depression can also have an effect on the eyes. Try to get your Vitamin B12 levels checked and listen to uplifting music.

5. A clean healthy liver has a lot to do with helping our skin look good as well. A lot of our beauty comes from the inside, from our diet as well as our level of hydration.

6. Eat lots of fruits and salads also supply water to hydrate the skin

At- home treatments to help rejuvenate the area under your eyes:

First we must stress: Do not use essential oils near or on the eyes

Instead, you can use a good quality rose water .

Cool in the fridge and spritz eye pads with the rose water

Close your eyes and place one pad over each eye and lie back and relax by spritzing your whole face with rose water

Relax the eyes and face while resting back on a pillow for 15 minutes

The old trick of slices of cucumber is also a great option for eye rejuvenation.

Some eye creams do contain Essential oils so you should be very careful about using these products as most cosmetic companies using essential oils have very little research on their safety.

I personally once bought an eye cream with rosemary essential oils in it.

It was to help eliminate dark circles.

Boy !! Oh boy did my eyes sting!!

I had to return it the very next day.

I am passionate about Essential oil safety and I am here to help the beauty seekers to keep and eye on what is safe.


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