We are constantly being asked if certain essential oils are okay to use in a baby massage or bath. Most are not recommended, due to their potency and other irritating quality on baby’s delicate respiratory system, and skin.

Babies are to be protected from various chemicals, even the ones used around the house.

Babies are born with their first sense being the sense of smell. Nature has been very kind to make this the priority sense, being babies link to their most vital food supply being mom’s milk.

Essential oils and aromatherapy can play a vital role in protecting baby skin and aiding restful sleep.

The one most important factor is, to never confuse your babies sense of smell by wearing various types of colognes and underarm.

The two most delicate essential oils for babies are orange blossom, called neroli essential oil and rose.

In the bath, there is no need to use excess essential oils. 1 drop of rose or neroli is sufficient, which can be mixed in some milk to disperse in the water, as oil and water do not mix.

When massaging your baby, it’s important to also use either rose or neroli.

1 drop in 10ml of fractionated coconut base or carrier oil.

Baby massage has been an ancient healing therapy for helping babies to sleep better.

Especially when massaging their back, legs, and arms.

My mom used to warm the olive oil and massaged our babies from birth.

Certain countries in the East has implemented this theory for thousands of years.

We know the relaxation benefits a massage has on our overall body. This happens with babies and toddlers as well.

Toddlers from aged two can enjoy 1 drop of lavender and 1 drop roman chamomile added to their bath water, in a 1/4cup milk to disperse in the water.

These two essential oils make a wonderful relaxing blend for massaging toddlers.

Older than two years you may want to experiment with mandarin, being one of the mildest citrus oils for children.

Citrus essential oils can oxidize at around 6 months, rendering them more skin irritating. This is a good time to add these oils to dirty diaper bins. Or to clean your children’s rooms with a blend of mandarin and lemon essential oil.

It’s important to remember to use only the mildest essential oils.

Blending these in olive oil and vinegar makes a good wood cleaner to remove dust and grime.

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon vinegar
  • 5 drops mandarin and 5 drops lemon essential oil
  • Shake well and use on a soft cloth

When cleaning with these essential oils, we spare our kids the inhalation of various chemicals from cleansing household products.

A trick when breastfeeding your baby is to rub a drop of the essential oil for rose or neroli on your breastbone, so that when baby is inhaling this aroma, they will be familiar with it, thinking mom is around and will not kick up a fuss.

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