About Us

This essential oil safety board is being established after much collaboration with a number of concerned Therapists that have been observing the dangers in the essential oils industry. The misuse of essential oils are starting to have dangerous and harmful effects to the safety of children, babies and adults alike, due to the constant misuse and misrepresentation by the internet, product formulators, webinar hosts, online marketers and multilevel marketing industries that constantly mislead the industry for the purpose of financial reward only.  Without the proper research and guidance they lack, information is being put forth to the public which we feel is doing harm and in the long term could compromise legitimate Practitioners and the field of Aromatherapy.

After working in this industry for the past 25 years and holding down the position of President of the International Aromatherapists and Tutors Association, which I had to close down due to personal illness, I have now come to the realization that there is a need for us to resume this Board.  Especially after following some essential oil webinars that were held globally I was in total shock at the way the essential oils are portrayed as miracle cures for everything from gut health to weight loss to curing cancer, and the false hope some seriously ill people are being given by so called industry leaders of our current times.

When cancer patients are seeking out ways to help their battle and challenges it is hard enough to be given false hope. It is with this sadness that I cannot conceive what is happening in the industry.

When we held our first International Conference in Canada in 1999, and had some of the best leaders in the industry attend the conference as guest speakers, we came to realise that these people did most of the hard work researching and forging ahead to try and give the industry the best knowledge they had at that time on essential oils.

Trying to cure diseases with these oils was hardly ever heard of.

Internal use of essential oils was not promoted as much as what I am encountering on the internet right now. And sadly enough no one ever takes into account the internal state of consumers’ health and no caution is being taken or made mention of with regard to cross reactions or adverse reactions due to medication people may be on as well whether they have any existing health issues.

I love my essential oils and am extremely passionate about their uses and have experienced benefits and health effects especially during times when I’ve pulled muscles and had inflammation as result of overuse during workout. The result being ease of the muscle aches and pains.

I had my best and most powerful experience and journey when using the oils with grieving after several deaths in my family. I knew I had my oils to rely on for peace, calm and to uplift my spirits.

However when I see crafters’ using some extremely powerful oils in baby products and have no idea of skin sensitization or irritation then I feel it is my responsibility to get the safe knowledge out to the public.

For this reason this Board with be supplying a free copy of our Safety e-book to all members on the various skin reactions that can occur.

We will also be having a blog for members to follow and a free e-book on the 1999 conference with some of the industry’s best founders of Aromatherapy and essential oils.