It is with great sadness that I learned this week of a young child that died after
being given oil of oregano for a health issue that the parents were dealing with.
Most of us have to be aware of how dangerous some of these oils can be when
taken internally. Especially when there are labels to be read and warnings
regarding ingestion as well as keeping them away from children.
I had for many years not been able to tolerate oil of oregano. It was one of those
oils I tried a tiny bit in water and immediately after swallowing it a sharp pain
developed in my right side coming from my liver area of my body. I knew this was
not helping as I felt it could become a digestive issue and then I tried other herbs
for a cold virus that were more gentle and very effective with less side effects on
my body.

Most times the oil is infused. Infusion may mean the oregano has been sitting in
a base oil for a certain period of time to draw out the active phytochemicals or it
can be produced by glycerine extraction of the active ingredient called carvacrol.
However, whichever way it is produced we have to be aware that this is very
potent herbal medicine and as any herbal medicine or essential oil, we have to be
aware that when it works for one person it may not work for another.
We all have very different body types and strengths. And with children we have to
have extra special care. As most herbal medicine has labelling that will state it
should not be given to pregnant woman, or breastfeeding moms, and children.
It often states that it should be kept away from children and pets.
This goes for essential oils as well. I had just read the government regulation on
essential oils and they stipulate, inhalation and atopic use only. NOT TO BE

But yet there are so many going against this rule of law because the guys at the
top of the distribution of these multilevel marketing companies are raking in the
money, but they also have fine print of their legalities as a company, knowing
they can get charged or jailed if someone dies.

Most of the multilevel marketing sales people do not read the fine print.
I get inundated with calls from women asking if they can drink rosemary essential
oil mixed in water, as they were told by their sales lady this would be useful for
balancing their hormones and frankincense oil for cancers that their family
members may have.

These sales people are going through quick training to sell product and that’s all.
No one goes through client assessments to find out if the client has any other
health issues, or other medications they are on. Some don’t even know the names
of certain medications and what they are used for. It’s like adding peppermint oil
to soap making, and it ends up in someone’s eyes, causing severe pain and even
eye inflammation that needs medical care to correct the situation.
I am not a doctor to answer these calls or say yes to the caller as they had been
advised to do by their salesperson. If I were to diagnose and prescribe this way I
would be setting myself up for a serious lawsuit if someone takes ill and dies.
Lots and lots of people are now selling essential oils for internal uses and health
Canada states it is illegal.

Recently I saw an article on a Canadian Aromatherapy Association website about
bergamot being antibiotic. Working with some of the best researchers in the
essential oil industry, I have never seen this oil being portrayed as an antibiotic.
We have to look at all the chemical components of the whole oil and not only one
or two major chemical components as it is all the trace chemicals that make up
all of the oil and its properties.

There are many other hormone balancing herbs and vitamins, or herbal teas

So it’s a buyer beware situation all the time. Please don’t be afraid to ask
questions and email questions as we would welcome it to help educate
consumers on the safety of essential oils.
We would love to hear from anyone wanting to further their education and uses
of essential oils for their business or holistic practise.